Billing and Fees

  • Billing: Tuition balances and registration fees are billed to your account at the beginning of the semester. Balances can be paid in full at this time, or split into monthly installments over the course of the semester. See our tuition break down below for pricing. 
  • Monthly tuition and Late Fees: Monthly installments are due on the 1st of every month, August - May. Monthly tuition that has not been paid by the 15th of the month will be charged a LATE FEE of $10. Summer camp tuition is due in full prior to the start of your camp.
  • Registration Fees: An annual registration fee of $35 for fall - spring semester and $25 for summer semester per student must be paid in full upon registering for classes or with your first month's tuition payment. 
  • Performance Fees: A holiday show performance fee of $75 and costume rental fee of $15 will be billed to your account September 15th, and must be paid in full by October 1st. A spring recital performance fee of $75 and costume fee of $50-60 (for costume purchase) are billed to all students on January 1st, and must be paid in full by February 1st. Accounts must be paid in full prior to our performances for students to participate in the show. Students are automatically enrolled in our end of semester recitals. If you do not plan on participating, please email
  • Discounts: Families with multiple students enrolled in our classes will receive 20% off of the lower tuition amount. (This discount does not apply to unlimited tuition, summer camps, or to registration/recital fees). Families enrolling multiple students in summer camps or a single student in multiple camps will receive 15% off the lower tuition amount. Please note that all tuition auto-bills to your account. Discounts and registration fees are applied to your account manually after you register for classes. Please allow a short time for these to appear on your account before submitting your first payment. 

Refunds and Absences

  • All registration, recital, and company fees are non-refundable.
  • We do not refund tuition for absences for any reason. Dancers are expected to attend class regularly as teachers are booked in advance.
  • We do not offer make-up classes for absences.
  • In the event of a class cancellation due to reasons other than inclement weather, a makeup class will be offered, or your account will be credited for that individual class tuition.
  • Class cancellations due to Dekalb County school closings for inclement weather will not be refunded.
  • We do not refund tuition for dancers that drop out of class during the semester. Tuition will be pro-rated for the remainder of the semester.
  • Dancers that may have irregular schedules should use the drop in payment method of $15/class, without registering for a full semester. Dancers who do not register for the semester cannot participate in recital.

Payment Methods

  • We do not keep cash on site. Please pay by check or card.
  • We accept checks made payable to DHDC. 
  • We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Card Payments must be made online through the parent portal.
  • Visit and log in to the parent portal after registering to submit payments, view your account, update contact or billing information, and add/drop classes.


  • Our Year: Regular classes run from August - May, with dance camps in the summer, and registration is open year round. 
  • Our Semesters: Fall semester runs for 19 weeks with one week off for Thanksgiving break (18 weeks of classes). Spring Semester runs for 19 weeks with one week off for Spring break (18 weeks of classes). Summer Semester runs from June 1st - July 31st with individual camp dates varying. 
  • Class Rates: We offer a $12 per class rate when enrolled for the semester. We offer a $15 per class rate without enrolling for the semester. (drop in students do not participate in shows). Private lessons are $50/hour.

* The following tuition break down does not include registration fees or recital fees *

Tuition Break Down

  • 1 class - $216 (paid in 5 monthly installments = $43.20/month)
  • 2 classes  - $432 (paid in 5 monthly installments = $86.40/month)
  • 3 classes  - $648 (paid in 5 monthly installments = $129.60/month)
  • Four Class Tuition Discount - $750 (paid in 5 monthly installments = $150/month)*
  • Unlimited Class Tuition Discount - $1,000 (paid in 5 monthly installments = $200/month)*

*Four Class and Unlimited Tuition Discounts are applied for one student taking multiple classes only. Please see our multi-student discount at the top for families with multiple students enrolled.

Monday night classes will be prorated for DHDC scheduled holidays. 

Our summer camp prices will vary. Unlimited tuition rates do not apply in the summer, as we have other special discounts for our camps.