Dress Code

Company Dancers - Company dancers should wear their company leotard for all required company classes along with following the dress code guidelines listed below (visit www.discountdance.com and select your level of company from the drop down menu). Company dancers should also purchase a DHDC Jacket: DHDC Merchandise Store

Non-Company Dancers - We do not have specific dress code requirements (i.e. color/brand of leotard) for non-company dancers. Please see the guidelines below for the appropriate attire for your dancer's class. Visit the DHDC dress code page at www.discountdance.com to view or purchase our dress code suggestions by individual class. Be sure to select your class name from the drop down menu. These are not required for class, but will give you some of our ideas and recommendations! 


Dancers in Ballet and Pointe classes should wear a leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (or pointe shoes), and hair in a bun. Creative Movement dancers should dress for ballet.


Dancers in Jazz classes should wear a leotard or form fitting top, jazz pants or dance shorts, and jazz shoes (preferably tan), and hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Youth Combination dancers should dress for ballet and jazz.


Dancers in Modern class should wear comfortable dance clothing to move in, with bare feet, and hair pulled back.

Hip Hop

Dancers in Hip Hop class should wear comfortable dance clothing to move in, with clean sneakers, and hair pulled back.

Strength and Conditioning

Dancers in Strength and Conditioning class should wear comfortable athletic clothing to move in, with bare feet or sneakers, and hair pulled back.


Male dancers should follow the same dress code guidelines for all classes, except they may wear a tee shirt and pants or shorts instead of a leotard and tights. 

Photos courtesy of www.discountdance.com.