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1. Renter agrees to rent one available studio space at the agreed upon rate for the dates and times specified in this contract. 2. Renter is responsible for full payment prior to use of the space. 3. The premises must be left in the condition in which they were found at the beginning of the rental period and will be subject to approval by the Druid Hills Dance Center owner. This includes damage to the walls, floors, fixtures, stereo, and general facility space. Damage to the space caused by the renter or those attending the renter’s event must be repaired at full cost to the renter. 4. Street shoes are not allowed on the marley dance floor in Studio A, but may be used on the wood dance floor in Studio B. 5. Alcoholic beverages, candles, smoking, or smoking devices are not permitted in the studio. 6. The conduct of all participants and spectators while at the Druid Hills Dance Center shall be the responsibility of the Renter. Renter also accepts all responsibility for any injury to person(s) or property, or loss of or damage to property or theft of personal property at the Druid Hills Dance Center during the rental period, or resulting therefrom. The Druid Hills Dance Center retains the right to evict objectionable persons from the premises or to call for security/police help if deemed necessary. 7. Renters shall release, indemnify, keep and save harmless the Druid Hills Dance Center its agents, officers, employees, or members from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all damages or injury of any kind or nature whatever (including death) to all persons, whether agents or employees of the Renter or persons attending the events for which the premises have been leased, and to all property damage proximately caused by, incident to, resulting from, arising out of, occurring in connection with, the use by the Renter of the premises. The provisions of this section shall include any and all losses, damages, injuries, settlements, judgments, decrees, awards, fines, penalties, claims, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney‘s fees. Druid Hills Dance Center assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages that occur during this rental period. 8. The renter agrees to provide their own liability insurance for their event. 9. The renter will comply with maximum occupancy rules of the studio.