Spring 2017 Recital Information


Friday, May 19th at the Druid Hills High School Theater.

-Our dress rehearsal runs from 4:00PM - 10:00PM. Individual class times are listed below. Dancers must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule:

Creative Movement Wednesday - 4:00PM

Creative Movement Thursday - 4:10PM

Creative Movement Saturday - 4:20PM

Youth Combination Wednesday (ballet) - 4:30PM

Youth Combination Wednesday (jazz) - 4:40PM

Youth Hip Hop Thursday - 4:50PM

Youth Ballet Saturday - 5:00PM

Junior Ballet Wednesday - 5:10PM

Junior Company (Medicine) - 5:25PM

Junior Hip Hop Thursday - 5:40PM

Junior Modern Thursday - 5:55PM

Junior Company (Heartburn) - 6:10PM

Finale (Junior and Senior Company Only)- 6:25PM

Senior Company (Freedom) - 6:45PM

Senior Jazz Wednesday - 7:00PM

Senior Ballet Tuesday - 7:20PM

Senior Company (Prince) - 7:40PM

Senior Pointe Wednesday - 8:00PM

Senior Company (Falling Slowly) - 8:15PM

Senior Company (Bottom of the River) - 8:35PM

Senior Modern Thursday - 8:50PM

Senior Solo (Sandcastles) - 9:10PM

Senior Solo (House of the Rising Sun) - 9:15PM

Senior Duet (River) - 9:20PM


-Upon arriving at the theater, dancers may sit in the audience with their class until their group is called. ALL dancers should arrive in their costume with hair and makeup done for dress rehearsal. Dancers in multiple dances should arrive in the costume for their first dance, and bring all of their costumes and costume accessories (tights, shoes, etc.).

-Dancers are responsible for providing their own shoes and tights (color and style depends on the class) and any costume pieces not being provided by DHDC. 




Saturday, May 20th at 2:00PM at the Druid Hills High School Theater.

-All dancers should be dropped off no earlier than 1:15 PM and no later than 1:30 PM. 

-Dancers should arrive with hair and makeup done and wearing their costume. 

-Bring your dancer to the lobby of the theater and you will be met by a parent volunteer, directing dancers to their dressing rooms. To get to the dressing rooms, turn right in the hallway directly in front of the theater doors and then left down the stairs.

-Dancer pick up will take place immediately after the final dance of the show. Dancers will keep their costumes after the show, and may be picked up from the stage with their class. 


Costume hand out week will be May 1st - 6th. Please plan on coming in the last 15 minutes of class to help try on and collect your dancer's costume. Recital costumes belong to you, and you will keep them after the show. Dancers in ballet class must provide their own pink tights and ballet shoes. Dancers in jazz classes must provide their own tan tights and either black or tan jazz shoes. Hip hop classes must provide their own sneakers. Modern and contemporary classes will be barefoot. 


-Families will receive 2 complimentary tickets per dancer. You MUST have your ticket to enter the theater. There are extra tickets available for purchase beginning May 1st (ticket hand out week) at $10 each.


We will have a sign up for DVD orders in the lobby at the performance for $25 each. Please bring cash or check for your DVD to the show. We will only be taking orders from people who pay at signup. Please bring exact change. Your DVD will be available for pick up at the studio several weeks after the show. You will be emailed once the DVDs arrive.


Our Recital and Dress Rehearsal will be held at Druid Hills High School. 

1798 Haygood Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Look for the signs that say "DHDC." If you have trouble, call 678-231-9758. 


The following are hair and makeup instructions for ALL dancers, ages 3 – 18.


Using hair gel, comb hair into high ponytail, slick with no wispies. Wrap the ponytail into a clean, flat, bun. Cover with a hairnet and pin with ample bobby pins until secure.

MAKE SURE HAIR IS NEAT AND TIDY. When small strands of hair, or baby hairs (“wispies”) stick out under the stage lights, it creates the appearance of “fuzzy heads.” Please use a comb and hairspray, especially for dancers with curly hair. If you have any questions, or need help with hair and makeup, please let me know.


EYE – Medium brown shadow on the lid. Dark brown shadow in the crease, slightly winged out past eye corner. White under the eyebrows. Darken brows with pencil for blonde or light eyebrows. Black eyeliner with medium thick line on top lid and thin line on bottom lid. The top line should wing out at an angle mirroring the angle of the bottom lid. The bottom line should wing out at an angle mirroring the angle of the top lid. White pencil in between the lines.  Black mascara and false eyelashes for dancers 12 and up are optional (not optional for company dancers).

SKIN – Dancers 12 and up may use skin foundation to even skin tone matching their color. All dancers should use translucent powder over the face to decrease shine.

CHEEKS – Apply pink blush along the line of the cheek bone (more than you think you need).

LIPS – Bright red lips. I recommend Love That Red or Cherries in the Snow by Revlon. Avoid orange or purple reds.

For parents new to doing dance makeup or for parents of young dancers: We fully understand that it can seem strange putting makeup on very young dancers. Let me clarify that the makeup is not to look older or “pretty” like an adult. We don’t want our dancers doing anything that is not age appropriate. It is common practice at all dance studios for dancers as young as 3 years old to wear stage makeup. This is so that when dancers are on stage and being seen at a distance under stage lighting, they look like they have a normal, visible face. The wings on the eyes, bright colors, and white lines create an optical illusion that makes features appear larger. If you have any questions or concerns about your dancer wearing makeup, please let me know.