Important Dates

Fall Semester

August 12th – 18th– First week of Fall Classes

August 26th - September 1st - Bring a friend to dance week!

September 3rd – Labor Day (Studio Closed)

September 15th - Recital and Costume Fees Due

October 8th– Columbus Day (Studio Closed)

October 28th - November 3rd - Halloween Week!

November 18th – 24th– Thanksgiving Break (Studio Closed)

December 2nd - Holiday Show Tickets go on sale!

December 2nd - 8th - Costume and Ticket Handout Week

December 11th - Spacing and Tech Rehearsal Cast A (4 - 10 PM)

December 12th - Spacing and Tech Rehearsal Cast B (4 - 10 PM)

December 13th - Full Dress Rehearsal Cast A/B (4 - 10 PM)

December 15th - Performance (Cast A - 2PM, Cast B - 6PM)

December 4th – 10th– Last Week of Fall Classes

December 16th – January 5th– Winter Break (Studio Closed)

Spring Semester

January 6th – 12th– First Week of Spring Classes

January 15th - Recital and Costume Fees Due

January 21st – MLK Day (Studio Closed)

February 18th – President’s Day (Studio Closed)

March 1st - Summer Registration Opens!

March 24th - 30th - Spirit Week!

April 1st – April 7th– Spring Break (Studio Closed)

April 28th - Recital Tickets go on sale!

April 28th - May 4th - Costume and Ticket Handout Week

May 12th – 18th – Last Week of Spring Classes

May 23rd - Cast A Dress Rehearsal

May 24th - Cast B Dress Rehearsal

May 25th - Performance (Cast A - 2PM, Cast B - 6PM)